When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny


When the fat girl gets skinny
She will be given a coupon for love
Redeem now
For amid all the plush doughnuts and sweet cakes
This might not last

When the fat girl
gets skinny
her grandpa will
start treating her like a
Eyes will start looking at
her reasons unknown-
but known at the same time.
Finally- her body is a home
instead of a

When the fat giro gets skinny:
Eating will no longer seem a chore.

When the fat girl gets skinny
The wolves will be waiting
Now when she drinks,
she's a literal lightweight.
Straight to the brain,
loosening inhibitions
getting false attentions.
Be careful skinny girl,
The weight is over,
be patient with new appetites

Please fat girl don't go skinny because you are plenty to love why are you changing your image is it because you are looking for love. If so that love will not be want you imagine a fat girl is plenty to love not because you went skinny

The fat girl replies with the words
spoken by her parents, dietitian, psychiatrist,
and every single article she read.
“Lose weight and you’ll finally be happy.”

As this beautiful girl woke up this morning
Something about this she seem to love her self
A little more this day. Words from mother and looks
Of shames by her brothers. She appects that she
Was meant to be this way. She became content
With outside appearance because living in this
Skinny world and being labeled as a plus size girl
Girl this day girl who dreamed of skinny and to
Wear a bikini. Wanting to show off her curves
Saying I know so one will love these hips and cellulite thighs

When the fat girl gets skinny
She notices the change in stares
From looks of disgust and passed notes telling her to lose weight
To quick, blushing glances from boys and girls alike
Every advertisement
All the products Amazon recommends
They tell her
She's done it
What now?

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  • Tony36

    I am the fat girl
    Yes I am a little big
    Around my waist
    Why should that make a difference
    I may not look that great
    On the outside
    If you got to know me
    You would see
    What a beautiful soul I am

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