Lifes a bitch then u live part II written by Reverend Joshua Edward Loburak


Lifes a bitch then you live
(My revenge)
written by Reverend Joshua Edward Loburak

In the mall just looking around
My own. Business
All of a sudden a security officer
Comes over and says come with me
I didn’t do anything
Just got here
There always picking on me for no reason
I’m told to sit down
I’m read my rights
Not nowing what I did or
Even what I said
I asked him what I did
He said shut up
All these people walk in
Start pointing fingers at me
Tired of this crap
I get up n start saying
What did I do
What did I say
I never hurt no one
I mind my own business
Never bugging no one
So get out of my way
You got three seconds
Before you blow my fuse
Are you ready
Are you ready
To see whats inside of me
You started this
All over nothing
Im gonna get your securty car
And blow it sky high watching it like
Go bang bang
Im gonna go to customer service
Grab the person behind the counter and stuff them in a toybox
Making my day a lil better
Walking in hot topic grabbing some stuff
Stuffingg it up the owner butt
Lifes a bitch Then you live
Tired of everyone coming at me i see a
Lady yelling at here kid
I go over and say
Leave the kid alone
She says get lost
So i i grab her and teach her some manors
Making the kid watch
A man leaves a dog in his car
With the windows up
I go over and say you cant do that
He says blow out
I go back over let the dog out
Take his keys
Watch him stuffed in the dogs cage with
The windows up
Lifes a bitch then you live


Too be continued........

  • Author: Sayinz (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 7th, 2018 18:04
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