Your addictive personality stops your overall
progression, your life is a sad song covering weakness and depression, mistake after mistake, feeling like you should be learning a lesson, nobody around you, your life is an inactive session. Thinking and thinking overloads your head, all the worst thoughts come when you’re alone at night in bed, you think continually until the monster inside is fed, wondering what went wrong, and what you did or said. Wake up in the morning the feeling replays again, your thoughts are so erratic, you feel you can’t share them. Nobody would get it, not anybody would understand, the person you’ve created inside this sheltered man, you and only you can understand the beast, he walks the walls inside your head and fills you with defeat, he’ll make your social life pure hell Till you surrender and retreat. Let the monster take you, he’s taken you this far, you hear his voice over the loudest music in the car, he’s louder than your ears can hear and louder than your brain can hear.

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