My Secret.

i broke everything that was right

a family

the kind in the stories i write

the loving mom

the perfect dad

the kind of stories that show i’m completely mad

love affairs

pill poppers

and the girl that doesn’t care

i don’t like to tell people things about me

i’ve told it all

true stories of a far fall

when i close my eyes i see it

i see the demon

he calls

no one knows

and i have a feeling no one will

it wasn’t just the needles

or bottles

or the foes

it was the hands ripping off my bra

it was the cursing hands that hit my jaw

it was the ugly glares i got when i couldn’t talk at all

it was the loud cuss words i sang as i silently bawled

no one saw him on top of me

so now you know

i feel like I’m too seen

like I’m lace

i feel disgusting

and all my “loving” mother did was throw more on me

you thought you knew horror

i wish i couldnt anymore 


  • Tony36

    Great write, sometimes writing it down is all you need

    • Aals

      true, thankyou

      • Tony36


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