What a shame...


What a shame, what a shame,
to judge a life you can't change.
You don't know, you really don't,
How to keep opinions to yourself.

With deadly words you speak shame
You accuse and charge,denying blame
You can't understand or perceive
The unlived thoughts you should've kept

What a Shame
What a Shame
You think You Should forge the chains?
Bind with your Ignorance &
Shackle with your Blame.

I see not the reason why
You crushed the white rose
Coated it with blood
And left it to die.
There was safety here
What have you taken from me?

It was said only God can judge me but I'm a land where people judge so harshly. Making you forget about the judgement of god. Its a shame that you don't know me and hate and this own me from a judgement he bestowed upon me. Its a shame because of you look close you would recognize that you know me that I am the guy who you want to be but live for the praising a shame that you live a life to accomplish good judgement from another

What a shame, what a shame,
to live through other's fame
Depending on people
who you will soon betray

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