Oh, the Oleanders.

Poisonous stank flowers curbing the desert,

offering placid pink & fibrous green colors.

Jungle-ize what's barren.

Deceitful desert colors,

in your classic cones, boxes, and balls.

We make the natural into plastic.

You yearn for treedom, slave! 

We'll keep you prisoners in your shrubby shapes.


The citrus trees are envious.

They bare their naked trunks.

Still they produce sweet blossoming aromas,

sweet & sour fruiting sex.

Let them be a bush and they'll orgy the nights away.

Strip them and the ants will be their STD.

When life deals them lemons, they make less.


Poor, poor, Oleander.

Your evolution gave you toxins.

Crafted into a forest choking the Oasis.

Rootbound with your 'F#*K You' toxicity,

you allow only nervous quail,

and the parasitic rats at your feet.


We stole you for your durability

We stole you to be around our pools and fences.

We'll cut you man!

We will scalp you twice a week.

We will curse you,

Stay away from our lawn's royalty water.

You put your roots where they don't belong

We will cut your stupid mouths.

We'll sew them shut with our shovels.


Oh you Oleanders, you can be a screen.

You can grow tall to keep prying eyes blind.

You are a choice weed for that.

Welcome,...but be Warned.

Take a lesson from the roses

Evolve your plain dumb flower.

Wasps are happy to nest on your limbs,

but help you mate only by accident.

Wasps & Rats are your accomplices.


Yes, my frienemy,

I don't like you here.

Keep your distance you beautiful poisonous weed.

I won't make you plastic architecture for my outside,

Keep away from my Oasis.



  • Author: El_Pretzadente (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 11th, 2018 15:57
  • Category: Nature
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