Clear as Blue

I remember it as clear as blue

The day I fell in love with you

With twinkling eyes and a dazzling smile

The Fedora hat, you had perfect style.


I poured you a pint and you looked at me, 

I knew right then it was meant to be,

Through years and years of ups and downs

Our love was steadfast, you were MY clown.


I remember it as clear as blue

The day we were no longer two

Ten little fingers and ten little toes

Chunky little legs and a button nose.


'He looks like you' I heard myself say,

Through the tiredness and exhausted haze,

Complete we were and content to be,

A perfect family of three.


I remember it as clear as blue

That the years zoomed by, my, how they flew

Baby grew so fast and was so full of joy

Walking and talking early, we had made such a clever Boy.


Who knew the love I had for you could grow?

Exponentially, I hope you know

There is nothing more that makes me glad

To have my son call my best friend Dad.


I remember it as clear as blue

When along came baby number two

By this time we had this parenting lark sussed

Buckets of love and Wine was a must!


If I could go back to those perfect days

Where just the four of us would just laze

On the sofa or in our bed

What I wouldn't give to be there instead.


I remember it as clear as blue

All the days I fell once more in love with you

My heart is yours, my soul, my life

I hoped one day to be your wife.



Mrs Beaver 2018


  • Tony36

    Great write

  • El_Pretzadente


  • poelove

    'to have my son call my best friend dad', love that line..nice write

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