Andrew Guzaldo

"Strangest Circumstances"


"Sometimes you meet someone,
And it’s seems risible,
Whereas the two of you, 
On some level belong together. 


As good friends in no way louche, 
Or as that of a family acquaintance,
You just click as if you have,
Known each other always,


You may meet people like this,
Through your entire life,
Out of nowhere under,
The strangest incredulity,


But they help you feel conscious,
I don't know if that makes me,
Believe in concomitance,
Or inevitability or sheer fate,


But it definitely makes me believe,
In something that is valuation,
Of discovering,
Under Strangest Circumstances"


  • Tony36

    Great write

    • Andrew Guzaldo

      Thank you TONY, as we obliterate the words that rattle out of our Endorphin's it is nice to get words recognized. TY yours are good reads as well..

      • Tony36

        Welcome and thank you

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      • draculazy

        Nice work!! :) - b

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