pity party

I am playing on your sympathy
To try and win your love,
Praying you will see this pathetic mess
And want to fix me up.
Tend to my self inflicted wounds,
Run your hands over my scars.
How could you pass up a charity case,
A chance to appease karma?

You can't reject me in this state;
I am far too vulnerable.
After a life time spent rejected,
Feeling dejected, completely miserable.
You won't be another in the list
Of people who did me wrong.
Try to reverse the damage
That they did,
Make me feel like I belong.

If you dare to leave me
I will bleed out in your room,
Stain your bed sheets with blood and tears,
Scar your mind with open wounds.
I will be a constant presence,
Guilty weight upon your mind,
Drag you down into my depression -
The same one that made you mine.



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