Michael J. Schaeffer



(Friday the 13th)


Their is an Anniversary Tonight. Good, Evil, Crime and Punishment. It's Over Expense and Betrayal to a Remarkable Kind. A Cross that is Time and Time Again Trampled and Scorched. The Game, Se7en and Great Expectations. My Doll. My Dolly. The Trace of the Burning Sunlight. Red, Black and Blond. Only the Sun Could Love the Color Blue as Well. It is Up High in the Earths Sky. The Continuing Color of Earths Altitude. The Gleaming Heat of the Sun and the Luck for some on Friday the 13th, a Dark Holiday. The Cross and Values. A King and A Pope. The Burning of the Royal Kind. Slow and Indecent Deaths. As the Villains Escape the Charges. Highlanders and Masons Gather. Eliminating the Evil and Weak with a Challenge to a Game. Looking onto Evil. The Opponents Eye. As the Witch has said, Their is Nothing Left to do. Pumpkinhead will Finish the Job. He likes the Dirty Job of Justifying what the Gypsy Boy has had done to Him. Pumpkinhead Hunts at Night and Pumpkinhead Never Rest Till His Job of Justifying is Done Right. Will You Escape Pumpkinhead Tonight...


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