Here I am a being,

My life is far from done.

A while back in late July,

Was the start of my page one.


I first saw light, 

I first felt cold,

Then I opened my eyes.

A world untold,

Words not yet spoken,

Was the end of sentence nine.


I crossed my legs,

Put on my shoes,

Was told to clean up my mess.

Picked up the dolls,

Put away the dresses,

Chapter five was done more or less.


The day is starting,

I can hear the bell,

I have my books and bag.

Crisp morning air,

Just playing around,

Chapter seven isn't a drag.


Eight was short and sweet,

Nine is a cliff hanger,

Until you read chapter ten.

Then sometimes I'll feel nostalgic,

And flip through every now and then.


Now we've come to the present,

Pencil in hand,

This chapter has been a bit crazy.

It's true what they say,

Time really does fly,

This year has gone a little hazy.


We all have our stories,

Some people know pages,

Others have a copy of their own,

But listen when I say,

You shape every day,

You are the only one that knows,

Since chapter one,

How much you've truly grown.


  • Janie

    This is an amazing poem

  • lost-but-not-broken17

    I fell in love with this beautiful write 😍

    • Alexandra

      Thank you so much!!!!!!

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