Times is always moving


All things change, 

Time is always moving, making all things age,

Every moment lived is another step closer to death,

Once time has passed it's gone, past , over

We get one chance at every action we choose to make,

Just as we choose not to take action for something's,

Sometimes we say "I'll do better next time"

However the reality is the next time may be similar to the one 

thathas already past

But it will never again be that exact time, place, or even the 

Same choice to make 

This time you already know what your previous decision 

Resulted in, 

Knowing those results may help guide you in the new decision 

you make

Now will you do the same as before?

Or the opposite?

The easy expected answer would be if you didn't like the 

Results from the previous situation however that's not how life 


Just as writing a story or a plan might seem so simple with 

everystep calculated and decided

Carefully thinking of the possible things that might happen to 

Impact, change, or redirect each carefully calculated step

Most of the time people even go as far as planning a backup 

Plan for their original plan,

Yet in the end life is always moving every movement we make 

Consists of choices being made

Even the most mindless, unpredicted, things are choices and 

Decisions all of which could totally transform the results 

We receive

  • Author: Jess G (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 12th, 2018 20:03
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