College Dropout

I don't want to write essays, I don't want to do this shit. 

I wonder what you're up to, I wonder if you're in bed with another girl. 

My professor is a pervert, I observe him flirting with the pretty girls. 

I'm jealous again. 

I'm not paying attention, I'm just thinking of ways to kill myself. 

Why am I so lonely here, I thought this would get me out of my shell. 

I see the college boys flirt with the college girls. 

And I sit and watch from across the cafe, alone at the table. 

I'm not emotionally stable. 

I'm out of here. 


  • FredPeyer

    Lana, you paint a very realistic situation here with some well placed words. Nearly like a movie scene. I do like your straight forward, tell it as it is kind of writing. Am hoping though that this is imagination and not the real you!
    PS: I think half the world's population is not emotionally stable!

    • Lorna

      I second that. Myself for one. And I ABSOLUTELY hated college. Here I am - made a living and can string words together. Can count and pay my bills and love to read. If you fit in, you wouldn't be you.

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