Aislinn Wilson


And I am afraid of circles


Afraid of being drawn round and round

Legs so worn and weary, but my feet forward bound


And I am afraid of circles


On the way must have lost my mind

But when did it unravel? When did it unwind?


And I am afraid of circles


The past always travels back

To rest is to be stagnant, can’t afford to unpack


And I am afraid of circles


Who expected forever to be as long?

I crave new direction, new stories, new words, new song


And I am


And I am afraid of circles


  • orchidee

    Well, I doubt we shall be as harsh as someone I knew on a site - a troll though. He would slag off people with 'This is garbage' or ' I don't care much for this'.
    We might look at the content of poems, more than the form. I do anyway, as I'm no 'professional poet'.
    It is so in life, I think. Things go round in circles, maybe large ones sometimes. Yet we try new things, different things, etc.

  • orchidee

    Meanwhile *gets out dictionary for title* heehee.

    • Aislinn Wilson

      Haha, yes I do not miss being 16 and feeling that I had to prove my intelligence at every point ! Don't miss that at all!

    • Joe Dawson

      Nothing to be ashamed of here. You could tighten it a little but that wouldn't change the purity of the original idea as it was when it first crossed your mind. First writing I find holds more magic than all the editing in the world. I often return to poems to tweak them up a bit but I am always careful to leave the spirit of the idea intact. Joe

    • FredPeyer

      Aislinn, I must say I love it the way it is. There is one thing I would change and that is to leave out the word 'and' in lines 'And I am afraid of circles' and 'And I am', changing them to the direct 'I am afraid of circles', and 'I am'. To me the 'and' makes me wonder what else you are afraid of.
      But hey, that's just me and my humble opinion. You have the artistic freedom to do anything you want!
      Good poem!

      • Aislinn Wilson

        I will definitely test and consider these things! This is exactly what I was hoping for, thank you very much!!

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