Deeding Calvary


You asked me what I see
upon the stakes of Calvary.
I see a sword and I see wars.
I see a billion deaths
Witness billions more.

I see deceptions' silversmith
iconic chains around men’s necks.
I see in cedars Solomon once blessed,
the works of idol handed unrest,
while praising God:
Please separate
our temples from the rest!
(Those their brothers detest)

I see a child bound and placed
Upon the alter Abram made.
A father’s screaming faith exhaled,
before sympathetic escapes.
One kindness undeserved
confirms Jehovah's painful wait.

I see God's son on Adam’s tree,
through wages of sin he is raised.
Yes, I see a culling scythe
then finally, I see peace.

I see an Almighty sword
impaling mother Earth,
piercing veils of sheol
pointing heavenwards.

Still everything I've ever seen,
stares straight back at me.
Humble eyes peer into mine.
Seeing through my vanity,
breathing into all of me,


“Forgive them Father,
they know not what they do.”

I see all of those before us
both dead and alive,
excusing, reasoning,
“Was he not speaking to me?”
And I... the worst of these.

You ask me for a metaphor?
Perceive the Christ of Calvary?


Satan bound to a dead tree!
Its bark stripped clean
its fallen leaves,
drying things,
trampled beneath eternity.


 Sons of Man
set free.

Had you asked me, what I heard?

A Father's scream
.. into our small infinite
from His eternity.
While a releasing son's soul
“Father it is done.”


  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed

  • poelove

    thank you Tony

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