The feeling came back
Shit what can i do
U got my hypnotized
And wanting more of u
I like the way u make me feel
Like a person
Not invisible
Like my life got meaning too
You make me laugh
And man do i need that at times
U got me forgetting everything
But living the moment we going through
U have me escaping my pain
Even when your bothering me
Its the greatest way to escape too
Ive been unsure for years
Been confused and head strong
Made sure my walls
where build Hella tall
But they crumbled down
For the same reason
I let them fall and ur the reason
Im for sure about this
About u
Just give me a chance
and let me show u
I’d give u the world and make sure
Your happiness comes first
Make u a king
Like these bitches never could
Just say yes and all this is yours
Stop giving me the bullshit about
Not wanting me to hurt
Give it a chance
I guarantee its worth ur time
Please stop running away
And notice im one of a kind
Im down with u
And down for u
Ill be there no matter what
Always by your side at anytime
I wanted you to know how i felt
Hope this gets through that
thick skull of urs
Now u know where i stand
Its ur turn to find out
What this means for u

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