The Night I got a call

The night I got a call
Written by Reverend Joshua Edward Loburak

I get a call
On the phone my mom sayinz
My parents were in a car accident
I get a phone call
Sayinz that they rolled over
No airbags went of course
In one lane then go to move over then next thing u now they
We’re rolled over
Laying upside down
Couldn’t get out of the car
There sit belts wouldn’t come off
My moms door wouldn’t open
They had to cut my dads searbekt
And pull them both out of the car
The car is totaled
The windows are gone
Four people say it was there fault
The police were Nice they say
The ambulance driver was very nasty
Nothing new
They are ok I’m glad they are fine there car can be replaced but they cant they mean the world to me my parent
My mom has black and blue spots from the seat belt
My dad is having pain just as well I’m so glad nothing happened to them
There at the doylestown ER right now
Laying in different rooms
They both have different kinds of pains
But there getting treated now
I have to go tell riley now
That there mommy and daddy got hurt
I hope he will be ok
Riley is very smart
And understand everything
The whole family is here to make sure that they will be fine
My mom gets released around 9:30
My dad doesn’t get released till almost 1am
We get home around 2 am
So far everything seems to be ok
I’m just so glad that they are both alive
That they are still here on this planet
Without them I don’t know what I’d do
They mean the world to me and forever will

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  • Published: January 17th, 2018 14:55
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