I need help


I think I need help I look in the mirror and I see some one else
wanna scream for help but I’m Trapped in a cell
think I’m loosing myself
smoke a pack a day I don’t care about my health
I’ll never put myself together but I’ll save someone else
I’m high all the time I can’t decline I just wanna feel good and pass the time.
if you ask me if I’m good I’ll lie and say I’m fine.
working all the time I’m confined to this life. I don’t care about the money I just wanna feel alive
.but you gotta grind if you wanna survive. just spent my last 10 on some drugs. surprised when I get fucked over but I surround myself with thugs.
got people who love me but I build walls to keep them out no I’m not proud of these lines I preach about
wanna move forward but I’m high up in a cloud you say Im here if you need help but aris sorry she’s gotta do this by herself

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  • Finished: February 1st, 2018 23:30
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