Forgetting is such a blissful thing  

Deleting pictures like memories  

The history gone as long as we can not see it  

Changing who we are   

By forgetting who we were   

How easy it is to forget   

When our memories aren't stored in our hearts  

But on phones, computers, and screens   

Where smiles are plastic   

And events construed to look perfect  

By believing our lies  

And fabricating our thoughts  

We forget what we have done   

Because our world is an embodiment of lies  

Words flow like a river, and while dams are built to remember they are torn down by a click of a button   

Our hurt flows away  

Our pain grows distant   

And the fresh cold water of manipulation and "happiness" embrace us  

Drown us   

So we cannot see that betrayal being carried away. 

Forgetting is such a blissful thing   

But we cannot find the solution if we forget the problem. 



  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed

  • Aislinn Wilson


  • FredPeyer

    Well penned, Oliver! But why is it that we forget things we should remember and remember things we should forget?

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