Melting with Clouds

She took him by the hand and they were drifting again.

Frothy amber waves boiled beneath them.

The waves flashed crimson,

Then shifted to delicate pink,

While the sky above them flitted between hues.

Sunset colours flickering like flames.


They strained to glimpse the distant horizon,

Where the waves reached up,

Stretching to meet the sky’s soft glow.

Clouds skimmed the water,

Helplessly melting under the liquid embrace.


Onwards they soared,

To where the sky met the sea.

Closer they soared.

Higher still,


Her scarf skimmed the tip of a wave,

Clouds swirled before his eyes,




Until they stopped,

With nowhere left to rise.


She let go of his hand and they were falling,







at last,

They melted with the clouds



  • Heather T

    Gorgeously descriptive work.

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