Inside Someone Who Isn't Me

Never be too bold

Always do what you're told

Don't eat like a pig

Or you'll get too big


Never play a game

Always stay the same

Hide your emotions

Let go of all your silly notions


Don't ever fight

Never deny what they say is right

What is far is in sight

Keep calm with all your might


This is our society

Its not according to you or me

Sometimes there's nothing we can do 

Other than play the fool


  • Tony36

    Great write

  • yellowrose

    hello , i like this piece of writing . have you ever seen spirited away ... in this there is two parents who eat so much that they actually get turned into pigs lol . great piece of writing , enjoyed

    • Broken_kingdom

      I've seen spirited away....tge one by Miyazaki right?

      • yellowrose

        yes, the anime .. amazing film , right? i love anime. im currently watching an anime series called lull in the sea , its about the life of those who live on the surface and under the sea, but they come together

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