the sun , a ball of fire

I feel like i am a ball of fire
if that is true, then how am i lingering so high
no logs to keep me burning ,where are the matches
how am i capable of standing high up in the sky
no way for me to fall, sitting safely, i know the wind wont push me
i know the wind wont pull me into its back and forth motion
whirling throughout the sky, wouldn't that be a pure sight
a bobble of beaming light making a weird and wanderful movement
everyone would think , perhaps they were seeing things
perhaps, just perhaps, they would think themselves mad
or perhaps the sky had lost it's sense of normality, maybe
and i know when the rain starts to lightly fall
i know the flames within me , they will not fade or extinguish into ash
splinters dropping unwantedly onto the earthly pavement floor
the fire in places created by man, disappear and become drenched to extinction
by the rain which gladly misses me, passing nicely by my side
an opposing feel, water by a fire, and yet i am still here
the rain does nothing to change my heated glow
and the flames which keep burning sweetly within
when my flames create too much humidity, i feel a certainty
a certainty of a upcoming roar, the lion cannot tame itself
and its wild edges are simply ready to make a thunderous stir
the sky begins to cloud over and its my turn to shrink and fade
retreat backwards until the lion quitens its loud and rourous lips
and i can come out again, you see i am a ball of fire and i shine strongly
staying upright with no downward falling
ready for the lion to take my place, i sometimes find myself quietly fading away


  • Aislinn Wilson

    Your language is ablaze! What a wonderful first publish!

    • yellowrose

      thankyou for saying so . this is a poem which i have posted on another poetry site too , this is the first time i have started posting on here, i was searching for other poetry sites today and i came upon this then i realise i already have an account but forgot about it . seems like a good site to share . glad you enjoyed this . :-)

    • lasergraph

      Great balls of fire. I liked this. I welcome you here and hope you enjoy your stay. I have found it to be like family.

      • yellowrose

        hi lasergraph :-) and thankyou very much for the kind welcome :-)

        • lasergraph

          You are welcome, I am sure you will find the accommodations comfortable.

        • Poetic Dan

          I felt so powerful while reading your words. Thank you so much for sharing and the empowering vibration

          • yellowrose

            hello poetic dan , thankyou for your comment . glad you enjoyed this ....:-)

          • kevin browne

            please, don't fade away too much because your beautiful creative writing is quite stunning. your first entrance on here means only one thing, that other poets can sit back and wait in anticipation for your next piece. I certainly will. well done, newcomer.

            • yellowrose

              hi kevin , thankyou :-) such kind words , thanks . this is a piece of writng which i have posted on a poetry site elsewhere but yes i have a lot of poems i am willing to share

            • Goldfinch60

              May that light fill your life forever. Good write.

              • yellowrose

                hello goldfinch .. thankyou :-)

              • Lorna

                Wonderful blaze! I really enjoyed this.

                • yellowrose

                  hello sr :-) thankyou for reading and for commenting , i am glad you enjoyed this .. its really nice to receive such positive feedback on this one .. thanks again :-)

                • Aals

                  I LOVE THIS !WOW

                • Mottakeenur Rehman


                  • yellowrose

                    thankyou very much ! appreciate you taking the time to read this .. thankyou :-)

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