My Favourite Lesbian

You were my friend, in fact one of my best friends!
I hated every little thing, I loved about you!
I trusted you, you knew who I was, in the end, none of that mattered.
In the end, everything me.
I had such hope for you, I guess that’s what blinded me from the truth.
My head said no, but my gut always said yes.
I fell into a trap, which seemed almost impossible to escape, until I found the light.
You lost one person that day and poisoned the other, its only time before she realises, maybe she’s blinded too.
I can never hate you, but I can pity you and sympathise for every person, who falls into your demise.
Everything became so clear, how couldn’t I see it before?!
I will never forget you, but all those great memories, we once shared, have been cursed to just tears.
How could you make me feel guilty for something I never done?! you stupid bitch!
I knew you were selfish, I knew you were a bitch, I never knew I would become a victim.
For days, you tortured my mind, no deserve nothing.
With that thought, I will end this chapter, a chapter of two years, which came to mean nothing.
I never understood you, I have became grateful that I never will.



  • Tony36

    Great write

    • Parsons222

      Thank you

      • Tony36


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