hearts beats

my heart beats 72 times a minutes

a dog’s heart beats 90 times a minute

a cat’s heart beats 130 times a minute

a rabbit’s heart beats 205 times a minute

a hamster’s heart beats 450 times a minute

a hummingbird’s heart can beat up to 1,260 times a minute

tell me why every time i see you i feel like a hummingbird

my hands shake 450 times a minute 

i could have a heart attack just looking a those brown eyes

and my eyes flutter 205 times a minute as i try and process the fact that you’re mine

my mind never ceases to remind me 130 times a minute why i love you

my heart beats 90 times a minute when I’m around you

when I’m not around you my heart beats 72 times a minute

and each and every time…

its still for you.



  • yellowrose

    i really love this , especially the lines referring to the hummingbird! :-) quite clever, quite beautiful .. an overwhelming feeling of love , nice but overwhelming

    • Aals

      the overwhelming vibe comes from my obsessive personality, i always wrap myself in a person and get hurt so i project my habit of obsessing on the something else. and that something else is poetry :) thankyou so much

    • Tony36

      Great write

      • Aals


        • Tony36


        • Aislinn Wilson

          This is so very sweet, and clever!

          • Aals

            haha thank you :)!!

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