I Am Mentally Prepared

You never know when yo' time is near. God only playin' it by ear. You leave on his time when he see you ain't good. Especially them ganger bangers posted up in the hood. See, me? I am mentally prepared to be taken away into his care, but physically I ain't ready to be there. I got moms scared for her son to grow up and if he make one wrong decision, she don't know where he gone end up and see .. She got a daughter that had big dreams but she scared she ain't gone live long enough to make the best of em'. I be all home alone, wondering just thinkin' when ole girl gone call my phone, make me happy just to hear her voice but if God strikes someone down today he had no choice. I think most people take their life for granted, but you know what? it ain't no problem to be in a casket 6 ft planted. Everyone gettin wiped out slowly but surely and we all cry, screamin just hollerin, pleading “God why?”. See, you got .. 365 days in a year but now and days tomorrow ain’t even promised to us. See when I was 9 years old, my Bestfriend was taken away from me and it’s crazy cause “ILoveYou” was the last thing he said to me, we made plans to go all out for the next time we meet, but the day I was on my way to see you it wasn’t what I expected it to be. Man I couldn’t believe it, you was standing in my face the other day laughin and smiling, grinnin from ear to ear but little did I know yo’ time was near, god damn! See I wasn’t ready to accept the fact that I was never gone hear your voice again but you see God had his plans.

I am mentally prepared to be taken away into his care but physically I ain’t ready to be there. We got police killin off our folk like it’s World War III, you gotta be prepared cause you don’t know when yo time gone be. Many different people are prepared in many different ways, which way are you prepared? I am mentally prepared to be taken away into his care, but physically I ain’t ready to be there. For all of our love ones gone, I’m still trying to remain strong. I am mentally prepared ! Are you ?

- Malayzia Evans ❤️


  • yellowrose

    well expressed .. i don't understand why your friend was taken from you in such a cruel way and by the police too, how cruel, so sorry to hear of this .. you wrote this well

    • Malayzia

      Thank you very much, and times are hard especially when things happen out of the blue like that.

    • Lorna

      Damn why do children have to see and live with such awful things. Malayzia you made something lovely out of something most of us can't even begin to imagine.

      • Malayzia

        It is definitely a blessing to see another day and everyday we have to keep pushing forward despite every breakdown we come across.

        • Lorna

          Atta girl!

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