I forgive you and you take advantage of it
At times you make me wonder if you actually love me
Because you end up hiding somethings from me
And the fact you keep doing it when you know I been through it hurts me
Why am I not confronting you?
I see things you do, and you don’t admit to them
And all of those words I said
You still can’t get them through your head
To you they were just dead
So instead I stay quiet
And it feels like my mind is going in a riot
I want you to hear me out
Even worse I want you to hear me shout
But I won’t because I’m just a fool
Who will just say I forgive you..



  • yellowrose

    this shows very well of a girl who feels unable to express her true feelings, her hurt and her upset towards this guy .. well expressed .. good piece of writing

  • Jo Middleton

    Emotional, I like it :)

    • Mystic

      Thank you

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