Hello my Old Heart

Hello my old heart 

It's been so long 

I was wondering if you were still in there 


You've been so quiet 

You've been so still 

I've barely felt you beating at all 


We were so happy 

We were so young 

and then you broke and left me all alone


I'm leaving here today

don't let me slip away 

don't let me continue down this path 


I know I've built a wall 

I made it big and tall 

and now its time for it to break away 


Hello my old heart 

It's been so long 

I've been wondering if we could just restart 


Tear down those walls 

Open ourselves up

Let them in and love them all the same 


I know that your afraid 

But don't let me slip away 

Don't let me travel down this path alone 


I know that your ashamed 

But don't let me slip away 

Don't let me linger down this road. 


Hello my old heart 

I feel your beat 

Im glad you've come to me again 


Let's find a girl 

who we can trust 

and fall in deep everlasting love.


Let's make you strong 

Lets build you big and tall 

Let's give the love to those who are alone 


Let's help those in need 

Let's plant a growing tree 

Let's love and last until we go away. 


Hello my old heart

We are so old 

Our time is up but I am not alone 


I thank you my friend 

For staying till the end 

I loved, laughed, and lived 


And it's all thanks to you. 




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