The Friendly Enemy

Chloe Rachel Flisher

Babe, why do you do that thing?

You act like you’re a God or a king.

Saying you care and that you’re my friend,  

Do you not think I can see it’s all pretend?

You go in a mood when I question,

Your words to me are just not digesting. 

Why do you say you want me as a “mate”,

Your words and actions are what causes the debates. 

Asking “why are you friends with Carren”,

You act like you’re some sort of Lord or Baron. 

Stating “why don’t you ask me to go for tea or catch ups?”

When really you don’t mean for us to hook up. 

I am pretty clever you see,

But you’re a weakness to me. 

I can see that you don’t want my love or friendship,

I‘m just not good enough for you, am I your Lordship?

Your demeanour disgusts me in every way,

That doesn’t mean I want our friendship left at bay. 

You mean so much to me why can’t you see,

Hang on is that why you just agree?

Can you not see that you’re messing me around?

Please can you stop because it’s making my head pound.   

I know we were dating and this isn’t easy,

But why make me feel that being around me makes you queasy. 

I felt like you were so ashamed, 

When we slept together just the other day making me feel to blame. 

Don't you care how much you’ve hurt me?

Would you even miss me if I got washed away at sea?!

This is pointless as I know you wouldn’t respond,

To think that we both actually “shared a bond”. 


Silly, silly Chlo. 

  • Author: Chloe Rachel (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 22nd, 2018 19:34
  • Comment from author about the poem: When you date a guy, and spend an amazing short time together. Remain friends as you two work together, but you question if he is the friendly enemy.
  • Category: Love
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