this is life


a lovely warming cup of hot tea

or a damn cold horrible one


A bucketful of sunshine

or a downpour of heavy rain


A beautiful flower

or an unwanted weed


A stunning firework

or a bad crazy thunderstorm!


The glowing peaceful moon

or a big grey cloud


A calm sheep in a field

or a bull in a china shop!


A teacup at a fairground

or a damn scary rollercoaster!


A lovely hot chocolate

or a drink of plain water


A simple walk in the woods

or a walk through a dark unlit tunnel !


A lovely story

or a stupid nightmare!


Honey on toast

or marmite on toast

we either love it or we hate it!


A beautiful dream

or a very bad one , filled with horror !


A tasty delicious bowl of ice cream

or a disgusting , bad tasting bowl of soup !


A blue sky

or a black sky , without even the stars


A peaceful dove

or a distraught , angry seagull!


A kind gentleman

or an insensitive arsehole!


A beautiful diamond

or a piece of black coal !


Something pretty

or something ugly !


A bowl of shiny , and runny honey

or Marmite... something which i personally can hate!


Fair , or unfair


A simple breeze

or a stupid damn wind up merchant !



or nasty

Simple, like a walk in the park

Or hard, like a horrible exam!


so simply fair to some

so simply unfair to others!


A rainbow

or a storm !


It's nice

It's nasty

It's mean

It's cruel

It's beautiful

It's bad

It's painful

It's hard

Just no fun

or crazy mad fun !


feet nicely treading on the grass

or feet, painful , on the pavement


We love it , we hate it

We get angry with it

We cry through it

We ride through it

We have crazy turns in it

We get mad with it

and finally , some simply cannot understand it

So much beauty , yet so much pain !

So many laughs, yet thousands of tears !

I will never understand it

But i guess ife is plain sailing , for some

and a very rocky road, for others!

Stupid life

please be more straight-forward , and simple

And please be fairer

enough said


  • Lorna

    Oh Yellowrose very good! I sailed right through the list with you - all true (except I LOVE Marmite!!) Enjoy the day!

    • yellowrose

      ha ha , yes , we either love it or we hate it , right .. i am not sure if there is any inbetween lol. thanks very much , i am glad you enjoyed this

    • Fay Slimm.

      An engaging and extensively researched description of life which is prone to show both light and dark sides - I like too the summary with an appeal for more fairness - it surely is a love-hate battle dear yellowrose - - good read.

      • yellowrose

        hi fay , thankyou for reading and for commenting , i have been through a lot of bad and difficult things in life and it certainly seems unfair when some people get it so easy and get so much fairness, its like two sides of a coin.. one side is fair , the other is unfair,.. i think there needs to be a middle ground , more balanced scales, i often wander why some people get it easy all the time and some others struggle ... thanks again :-)

      • orchidee

        Never knew there was so much in life! Well, I expect I did know really! heehee. A pot of tea and slice of cake for me in life, please. You can join me! :)

        • yellowrose

          i really want another cup of tea now , oh and some cake :-) currently feeling upset so i need somethign to comfort me lol i wish my life were always like a nice cup of tea and a piece of cake, sadly it isn't .. i am glad you enjoyed ...

        • orchidee

          We'll have a good old natter, and try and sort things out - not gossip though! oohh lol. Well, it might work for some things.

        • LAWLESS

          Nicely done! You use many metaphors that describe the reality of our lives. Unfortunately life is not fair. We receive hard blows for no apparent reason. Maybe when it's all said and done the reasons will be revealed.

          • yellowrose

            thanks lawless... glad you like this .. i have just read this again , from where i am sitting , i can only see one mistake , unless i am missing something ? i am not offended , just cannot see many mistakes

            • LAWLESS

              Never mind, I was referring to something else and deleted my criticism. The poem is fine. The last thing I want to do is hurt people's feelings, which I've been known to do. We all make mistakes and I'm a prime example. Just keep writing from your heart because that's all that really matters.

            • kevin browne

              Yin Yang
              You are the good in me but also
              the baddest thing.

              I am in bad in you and also
              the goodest.

              I am your yin and
              you are my yang.

              • yellowrose

                oh , i did not understand your comment ?

                • kevin browne

                  from your poem there are untold opposites, so, therefore, I found a yin-yang poem for you. that's all, quite simple but your poem is amazing, yellowrose, and you are one to be followed for surety of not missing any of your work.

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                • LukeCoomer

                  This was pretty accurate and the way you wrote it made it very easy to read... I’m glad you see the good aswell as the bad

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