Anthony Stafford


Why did depression become apart of me as the day and night is to earth why is it that all the right I do it feel so wrong and what I know is wrong feel so right but only at the very moment why do I feel so empty and losing all emotion with no type of sympathy I lived so long knowing  what would be the out come with my way of life accepting the fact of that and no time for looking back I speak to those I knew and they only love and praise me for all the wrong I done I look at the sun until my eyes began to burn praying for a better out come depression became apart of my life and won't let it consume my life these words is the release from the pain a once dark heart I live to love life and if this is what it bring and depression is apart of the game I was born ready to tell all because this is my Destiny and it dang sure don't matter why 


  • yellowrose

    hello , i like you speak of your depression becoming a part of you , like the day and night is to the earth . the only thing i would say in reference to this piece id that the punctuation seems to be lacking , this looks like prose, not a poem , maybe if you layed it out different it may look better , but you seem to express how much it is part of you , and it is so true, it definatley can feel a huge part of us . i hope my constructive criticsm was taken ok :-) it just might look a bit better layed out differently

  • Jhe

    this poem seems so very honest, very self aware ~ my oldest son experienced some of the feelings you describe, including:
    "what I know is wrong feel so right but only at the very moment"
    ...that used to freak him out the most, you know, the not knowing why on earth he said or did something he wouldn't normally say or do, and not being able to take it back...wondering if he should be on his own all the time just in case.
    i know if he read this he would be glad to know someone else can relate, but he'd also be sad because he'd have an idea what you're going through.
    i don't think yor heart was dark, i think some part of your psyche was confused or had blown a fuse and whatever else might have caused that it's possible that you are just too kind deep inside to cope with all the b#sh#
    sometimes people have to switch off to survive ~ it's not cold it's mega sensitive...
    good luck with all your poetry, J

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