The Power Of Forgiveness

I see hatred,
going on in this earth.
I notice the division,
and people no longer care,
about life's worth.
I watched four riots,
happen in one year,
as police wear riot gear,
and young kids killing their peers.
I watch the crowds,
chant into the night,
'Bring it on.
We are ready for fight'.
I see muzzle shots sparking,
Fires starting,
I hear voices screaming,
I see tear gas,
and dogs barking.
I see people breaking windows,
and looting their neighborhood store,
the endangered homeless,
and the defenceless poor.
Then Finally,
after three days,
I can see the crowd,
starting to break.
Later, as I walk around my neighborhood,
to see the destruction,
I saw the broken corner store windows,
already boarded up.
Already somebody,
put graffiti on the board,
but it is not what you think.
The message really struck a cord.
After everything that has happened,
I don't know what was the person's mission,
but spray-painted in red and gold,
big and bold was THE POWER OF FORGIVNESS.

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