Left Behind


When you had a bad day
Friends can only make it better
So as you search
You see people at every turn
But you finally find someone to connect with
But then you get Eighty-sixed
So you go elsewhere
Hoping to encounter another
Or another way
To release
The frustration of being
When you realize
You were waiting for something
you couldn’t have
You're waiting for someone
Who won’t wait for you
You were waiting for “Her”
Although you know she’s not your’s

There's still hope in your heart, tho
Point in giving up? No, no.
Keep on going, get that frustration out.
Everyone knows what that's about.

Things around you
moving faster
and your feet
are stuck in plaster
hoping you'll be seen
people stuck
in a machine
Making plans
and you wonder why you're breathing

It’s lonely to be left behind.
Running full speed, to recover ground lost.
You must catch up !
But, what shall be the final cost?
Why are you chasing some one who refuses
To wait for you?
Let them run ahead, disappear, be gone!
As you were trying to catch them,
You too were being chased by someone.
If you Looked back, you would find, the
Someone that you’re leaving behind!

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  • Jamie

    Ver nice. A great meld!

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