Black Lives Matter


    So many sleepless nights, man you got people scared to raise their children now and days. Scared to walk out of the house, kiss my mom goodbye everyday, yeah you never know. "To serve and protect" BULLSHIT - to serve WHO?!? To protect WHO?!? Nah see, they just killin' off our kind and for what? They have NO reason to... World War III? I thought it didn't exists, but then I realized... you gotta open ya eyes cause' this is it!! Ain't no sleepin', wake up and do what you got to do, I questioned everything like "God why is this happening?" This isn't how I imagined any of this going down, I thought we could trust our "protectors".

    Black lives matter, we know that! Hell we came a VERY long way, but still don't appreciate what we have today! We came from gettin' whipped in the field, to fighting for FREEDOM and EQUALITY, to killin off each other, oh you remember 100 days - 100 nights? Well we livin' everyday like its back. Stop killing each other and WAKE UP! Stand up together and keep an open mind, you never know who would turn against you in a heartbeat, still no justice? "It's coo" they'll go to hell for all the wrong they did, it's only the devils work... What more can I say? 'Black Lives Matter', or so I thought... He said "stop crying, he's alright, he's with me." Justice for Kenney Watkins. Without that badge you a BITCH and a half !

May 11, 1998 - August 16, 2016

  • Author: Malayzia Evans (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 24th, 2018 18:32
  • Comment from author about the poem: Losing someone I cared so much about and sick minded people act out in ways without thinking. Though my friend didn't deserve that! The police shot him THEN arrested him and they knew he was dying anyways ... cruel right ? There were at least more than 4 cop cars out and ambulance was contacted late, every ones life matters, but at this point (around that time) they were taking their anger out on young black men which is sad, Kenney Watkins had a bright future ahead of him, love and cherish every waking and given moment with people you surround yourself by because you never know what could happen !!
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  • Hoopie

    Oh yea they are nice write

  • Shadowbox15

    Equality for ALL!!!

  • Resa71

    There’s so much crazy sh** going on in our world these days.
    Deranged gunmen randomly killing for no reason.
    I hug and kiss my seven year old boy every time I leave him at school.
    I think back on shootings that have taken place at grade schools and college campuses across the country.
    I fear for both of my children, my daughter is attending college two thousand miles away from her family.
    Even though she’s grown, I worry for her every day.
    I know god loves all of us. Even those we feel don’t deserve it!
    I pray those who create and enforce the laws we’re supposed to live by, will stop focusing so much on one group, or race and protect us from the real monsters!

    • Malayzia

      That's true, well said. All we can do is pray that it all gets better !

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