This is not a song

If I could write a song for you

Then that's exactly what I'd do

I'd take all of the feelings here

And make it so they're sweet to hear


But Im not good at writing songs

And if I did it'd come out wrong

I guess I'll have to voice in speech

Although sometimes that's out of reach


A poem would portray to you

The way I feel, the things I'd do

But here and now is not the time

To list them all, line by line


If I did they would not rhyme

And that's OK I know it's fine

I'd like instead to prove to you

Over the days, perhaps years too


I'd make you every cup of tea

And if you need I'd warm your feet

I'd run my fingers through your hair

I'd kiss you better everywhere


I'll take a moment of my day

To hear your worries come what may

I'll soak up every second too

That precious time, just me and you.


Put down my phone to hear your thoughts

On something new that you were taught

Or wrap my arms around your waist

And not let go with any haste


I'd sit in quiet while you think

I'd know just what you want to drink

I'd play around and chase you down

And discuss at length what you're thinking now


But I could just write you a song

Even though I'd get it wrong, 

circle back after each verse

And know how that would make it worse


The only thing I'll do for you

Is anything you need me to

And make you laugh so you feel known

Then let you loose so you can grow. 


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