A Dragon

A dragon with no wings

still soars in the sky.

A dragon with no fire breath

still burns on the inside.

A dragon is a mythical creature

But if you believe in it

it can do anything it will please.

A dragon with old scales

in itself, it will believe.

A dragon from far away

will be heard shouting

”I believe in me!”


  • yellowrose

    i completely understand lol .. 🙂 just because the dragon has no wings, does not mean it cannot fly and set sail .. it can still reach places , reach where it wants to be. nice read Leslie, and i love fantasy , i am currently reading the fourth book in a set of fantasy called the broken world about dragons and men .. i enjoyed reading your poem

    • nihility

      Yes that’s exactly it! And thank you!!

    • yellowrose

      do we not need more then self belief tho ? what if we believe we can get somewhere but we try and we fail .. but yes, self belief probably does help , tho i would dare say you need a little more then that....

      • nihility

        You may fail but that’s why you still have to believe. I don’t know what will happen if someone keeps on failing but as long as you believe in yourself you’ll be okay.

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