To The One Who Took Me For Granted

To you, someone I loved deeply.

I trusted you and loved you with every bone in my body, giving you all I had to give.

To being betrayed and lied to for so long, now I cry when I hear our favorite song.

The long .. sad, lonely nights I bury my face in the pillow and cry, then spark something light only to get the horrifying images out of my mind.

To The One Who Took Me For Granted.

Trusting too much gets you hurt, "trust your gut" they say ..  don't let your guard down just because things seemed 'perfect' from the start, don't let that fool you.

One broken promise can lead to many, I can't trust you now.

You were my best friend, how could you do that to me and let me down?

You tell me I shouldn't leave, but I feel as if I should let you free.

To The One Who Took Me For Granted.

Yes everyone deserves a second chance, but tell me why I should stay? Your actions left me speechless with nothing to say, fool me once its shame on you, fool me twice now its shame on me, fool me three times that's what it won't be.

Do right by me the first chance given the opportunity and watch how far we'll go, this is nothing like what you've ever experienced before.

Now we move different, things won't be the same and two wrongs don't make it right, but baby I got cross faded and did it out of spite.

So tell me how does that make you feel? You free willingly opened up to it like a banana peel. Revealing what is suppose to be mine and only mine.

I light it up and stay on cloud nine, keeping the thoughts away for a moment.

The sly feeling of guilt rushing to your head, gets your heart pumping .. smile in my face and pretend everything is okay, knowing it's quite a few others willing to take your place.

To The One Who Took Me For Granted.

Our love is one of a kind I must admit, but one thing I won't tolerate is that bullshit!

A strong bond that we built, but I'm sick looking at your face, in your eyes filled with guilt, I was too blind to see that that's how you felt.

Imagine me .. not being here by your side, you knew you had a down chick who was always ready to ride.

For you, I have no words .. just show me your willing to prove your worth, you broke my heart now lesson learned.

Don't play me for a fool, trust is earned.

I do love you, and I always will. Don't fuck this up again or I'll definitely lose my chill !

In my arms, you'll be back .. you missed me? Well I missed you too, we'll make up just forgive and 'forget', please don't make this decision something I regret!

To The One Who Took Me For Granted.

  • Author: Malayzia Evans (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 28th, 2018 02:27
  • Category: Unclassified
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