Shay Black

Forgotten Souls

Have you ever thought of how many souls,

Are beneath the souls of your shoes,

And how many mothers and fathers and children,

Are staring up at you,

All these forgotten graves of past heroes,

And unfortunate ends,

Probably served a meaning at some point, 

But now they’re as good as pretend.

So here’s to you people under my feet,

A toast to the forgotten,

Although my life is looking down right now,

It can’t be that rotten.

At least I’m not lying all alone,

Below a winging boy’s feet,

Thanks for the hope you’ve given me today,

And maybe to the end of the week.

I’ll live these days without looking back,

Knowing that you have my back,

And although I don’t know who you were,

You can keep my life on track.

So from one sorry soul to the next,

There’s just one more thing to say,

Although you might be forgotten by most,

I’ll remember you today.



  • Adam Shirley

    I enjoyed it! You had me in trance, well done.

  • Lorna

    Now I will be looking down all day!

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