The One I Took For Granted


To the one I took for granted,

"I love you more than all the words in all the books." -Malayzia E.

You give me every reason to want to be a better me. You give me everything with only giving me so much. You brought the brightest light to my life and I......

Took the one that I love for granted.

I didn't believe that your love was as real as you made it seem..I mean how are we two magnets, thousands of miles apart, and still stuck together? How could I be the one for you and physically we're not even together. Why are you so in love with me.

Why are you still in love with me and I took you for granted.

This love that we have is the greatest fairytale ive ever seen but it's a real life story and thats where I messed it up.  

I broke your heart in reality, I cant just wake up in a cold sweat yet relieved because I only had a dream that I took the one that I love for granted. 

But I am sorry... because it wasn't a dream, it was as real as this heartache. 

To the one I took for granted,

I know I crossed the line, I know I am making you cry, I know I took your heart, I know I wasted 5 months of your time just to do some bullshit because I couldn't tell you that everything wasn't fine. 

"Communication is key"

well I think we lost it, because for some reason something is off and you can't get in and I can't get out. Not that the key can't be found because we know what we have to do, it is a two person effort if we do wanna push through. 

To the one I took for granted

You are my first love, You are my lifeline, You are the most beautiful and wonderful love ive ever had. I wish I could take it all back and now im so sad that i hurt you so bad. 

I know there are areas that I lacked in but just bare with me because I know I can be a better me. I know I can steal your heart again and be the one you and I both want me to be. 

To the one I took for Granted,

Malazyia I would never take you for granted again. 




  • yellowrose

    hello dezaree, i can feel your regrets and your hurt thoughout this writing , i truly love how you have spoken of yourself and her as magnets thousand of miles apart and yet still stuck together , i like the contrast here. i like how you have said , she can't get in , you can't get out, almost like you are both somehow stuck apart even tho you feel you are both meant to be together. i love the relation to fairytale . great piece of writing , enjoyed reading this

    • DezareeCheyd

      I really appreciate it. I don't write poety often but this was necessary

    • Aislinn Wilson

      Great refrain

    • Malayzia

      Beautiful choice of words🥀

      • DezareeCheyd

        As well as yours babygirl

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