Where I Belong

This earth is not,
my permanent home.
I am just passing through.
My future residence,
has streets of Gold,
with gates of pearls too.
I will live in my own mansion,
with everything to my liking.
with new kinds of trees,
I'll live forever,
with no more pain or crying.
There will be a river of life,
That will never get dirty.
I can live there for five hundred years,
and always feel like I'm thirty.
I can only imagine,
what it will look like,
but I know that it will be great.
I'll have a porch,
a balcony, a boat, and a dock,
with the best fishing pole and bait.
This is not an enigma, a dream,
an idea, or a made up place.
but there is only,
one way to get there,
and that is through God's grace.
So until I reach my destination,
where I truly belong,
I'll be passing,
through this earth,
serving and praising God.


  • Diamond

    Hey! That's not fair... LoL

    • Diamond

      And do you think wanting to live without Death is fair?

      • Diamond

        And despite what one wants, Death is inevitable and is as much sacred as birth is.

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      • Diamond

        FJ6 you might want to check out's yesterday's post...

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