At first I did not like criticism.

Now I take it in stride.

I learned that people,

love to nitpick,

and to always critisize.

There is a fine line however,

between negativity, criticism, and help.

I enjoy constructive criticism.

I can even take it,

if a person yells,

but what credit,

do you have under your belt,

to be talking down to me?

Maybe you should,

look at yourself,

and then change,

what you see.

As I said, I take criticism in stride.

Sometimes it's an unfortunate mistake.

For others it is a nasty habbit,

that should be dealt with right away.

So please, if you have to,

offer contructive criticism on this writing,

but don't be bias or negative,

just because it is not to your liking.





  • orchidee

    I'm only gonna criticise that I never seen it spelt as 'critisize' before! (heehee).

    • ForeverJesus6

      That is kind of funny. I must not have been paying attention. Thanks for letting me know.

    • orchidee

      But I know what you mean. I don't feel you are being 'preachy' in your poem, which is good. I mean, preaching is preaching, and poetry is poetry!

      • ForeverJesus6

        I try not to be.

        • orchidee

          And yet my stuff could be 'preachy' or 'evangelising'. No matter - it's who we are, what our beliefs are.

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        • dusk arising

          Quite nicely presented. Some people just have to be negative don't they and then there are those who just proffer a pointless positive comment. Until one can make a judgement upon where the critic stands in this regard there is little point in bothering to acknowledge any criticism.
          Constructive criticism is ok but..... in my book i'd say just get on with it and do it your way. Nobody else has your viewpoint or your particular style. Be you.

          • ForeverJesus6

            In a lot of cases, you are right. Thank you for responding.
            Persistence is key

          • Aislinn Wilson

            You will never meet someone without bias no matter how much they may boast it.

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