Princess Hopeless

This is the last time you will blame me,

act up and shame me,

What you don’t understand is I don’t have to be here,

I chose to say near. 


I’m tired of the “I want” and “me, me, me”,

thinking about cutting ties is making me feel


So now I’m letting go of my only fucking friend,

Best friends forever, forever ‘til the end. 


I do not wish bad things upon you,

I just want you to stop and have a think through,

You break me down you selfish brat,

None of our fall outs were my fault,

do you realise that? 


So for now I’m fucking done,

do not seek me because I will run,

Keeping with you ain’t ever fun, 

do one, have a good one hun.


Best friends forever, forever ‘til the end.



  • Aislinn Wilson

    This is very enraged and strong writing. It's a great write.

    That being said, messages are always open if you just need to talk to someone.

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