do you believe in magic

do you believe in fairy tales and wicked witches

do you believe in sad stories and forgotten poems

euphoria and telepathy

colors that speak in coloring books

or people who cry out for love

prince charming and cinderella

magic lives with us as hope

a starving boy living the streets of Chicago

or a hopeless beauty wandering the streets of Seattle

feeding on the night lights

do you believe in magic

i believe in the meaning of euphoric

taking in the kid without a home

or giving the hopeless purpose

no one needs a majestic prince charming

they just need you to be loving

give your surplus

it doesn’t take a psychic to tell from happy and broken

it doesn’t take a witch to tell who is spoken and unspoken

fairy tales are real

you are the magic

and the stories or the colors that speak

makes plastic into gold

give what you can’t hold.


  • Aislinn Wilson

    interesting concept

    • Aals

      I wrote this high so. Just keep that in mind.

      • Aislinn Wilson

        I guess you could say that's a bit of a tradition in writing

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