Philip Daniel Cook

The Eclipse Crown

You live in absolutes,

but the only absolute

you deny is 






Wear it well

in the history's


that sits up

in your 



The twilight is your 

kingdom come undone.

Lives, and breathes you in...

a book, of me and you?

Spelled out in mystery

twists and turns,

to recreate a new world,

in the skills of banishment.

I'll crown your life in the inside of me.

As redundancies and abhorrence.


Snafu on every sentiment.

You hold responsibility for 

no one and you always require

that others take on

your tribute.


My ravens are always with you.

To guide post every dark feeling into a certain attitude.

You waste time and you still point at the time with the same determination.

That I'll eclipse everything you do.

I'll outshine you!

In your fallen world.

I'll outshine you,

to overcome your

dark dawns and become

you and

force the crown.

You are blind, from

a dark crown walk 

forever if you must.


You, eclipse, you.

As the ghost of this world.

Wear the eclipse of the Sun and moon

the crown of the world.


That is, a taking of you

for me to be powerful 

but if the prey realize 

the predator dies without him.

He goes and finds the strength 

in the lack of presence in their 


To see the death of the king.


Wear the crown.

That best suites 

the card of your choosing.

To fit the situation

of your biding.


Every decision was made in advance.

As in your life, is literally, a game of



 The crown must be summoned again!


I'll blacken your sheep if you eat

the way the word is...

and the word is good, or at least to those


So I'll go on living on a cloud or in 

your face.


Eclipse the day.

The crown in this requiem of dreams.

The crown is with you.

In spirit, and in mind.

The presence of you lost in this maze.

Can the way come, in the ordinary of circumstance?


Or eclipse crown takes on a new form of divinity's

last peg.


The eclipse crown, is in many ways

your own dark royalty,

in this dark pageantry

of the blood coursing 



What binds us 

is what we feel

not what we



The flower eternal 

in the crimson field 

where the scarlet 

hearts burn.

Burning in the outfitted fast


That outshines.

It's own hysteria.

The eclipse crown 

can bring about

the end of the beginning

of ends.



  • Azura Nightsong

    Really neat, and I love the words you use and the image they paint.

  • Tony36

    Great write

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