As crooked as this house is
The angles are throwing me off.
Lifting their heads as if knighted by the Queen.
Sliding me off the backburner; where I've been.
Playing this field of view these corners have shown me. 


  • Lorna

    Very intriguing Noah..........

    • Noah

      Haha I'm glad to have caught some of your curiosity

    • dusk arising

      Ok, off that backburner and into the raging storm of the flames which rip into obscure corners lighting your vision so that the crazed angles of your prose tear the night apart as the queen boldly steps fore sinking her lustful talons into your flesh.
      Just a thought! The sort of thing Benny Hill might have done.

      • Noah

        This Benny Hill must have been quite the character! Such a fine addition, I'm saving it lol

        • dusk arising

          Here's Benny Hill

        • Yahchanan AbiyaH


          • Noah

            Thank you.

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