Lies And happiness

Cant keep running

Voices in my head keep chasing me through the rain

Everyone looks at my pain

All they see is a stoner lost in his mind

They all say im high as a plane

Im looking for my mind but I cant find it

I keep on fighting

Its dark out in the night sky

All my life is a lie

My wife cant stand to look at me

I feel no remorse

My kids don't even know their own dad

I hope there glad to be alive

Dad cant make it home tonight

Dad is getting unplugged Dad couldn't stop popping Xanax

Dada couldn't stop doing coke

Dad couldn't stop dropping acid

His whole life has been a hoax

Baby mama cant help but destroy him

He's with Kim

Kim treats him right

Kim fought for him to see his kids

Kim is the angel looking over him

Baby mama is out of their lives

No more lies

No more pain

No more tears in his eyes


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