Kurt Philip Behm

He shed his ego

Like a snake letting go

Of its skin

And wandered into

The land of

Ill intention

And the darkness

It harbored inside


His mirror had been shattered

There—left on the ground

Pieces to reflect

What was missing before

Until one after one

Each bad wish was contained


—light reentering again


(Las Vegas Nevada: January, 2018)






  • niallprideaux

    loved it 🙂

  • Fay Slimm.

    Powerful imagery and clear result of intention to allow light into harboured darkness - - this has to one of your best Kurt. Saved to my my favourites.

    • Kurt Philip Behm

      Thanks Fay, I love your comments.


    • FredPeyer

      There seems to be no limit to your imagination and writing skills, Kurt, with 'prismatic light entering the land of ill intention'!

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