Jo Middleton


Méiguī, Méiguī, oh why do you weep
Don't you know spiders die in their sleep?
They hang upside with smiles on their faces
Where they've been beaten  back in their places
With elastic bands spinning on their wrists
Tight, tight pain curled up in fists

Méiguī, Méiguī, the suns shining bright
New day, new life, all will be light
You don't have to fear the monster under your bed
Not even the monster hiding in her head
For you'll be ok, everything's alright
She's slipped away, slipped away, into the night

Méiguī, Méiguī, I'll protect you it's fine
For I am the innocent one, free of all crime
Wrap each delicate wing around your body 
It's ok, It's ok, you're just a bit groggy
No more will you live in dread
The spider, the spider, she's already dead.


  • Lorna

    "Rose" in Chinese? Very soothing poem.

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