Drive to Nowhere


A road and a bridge converge

The silence of the wilderness is maddening

A new world across the rusted metal trusses.


Just feet away, the new world feels like only a vision

Empty until filled with images of what we think we want.


Fear, like an icy dried hand squeezing at my throat

A whisper through the trees that the visions will be the same

The second time around.


- Fear that the new world will be built on the stories of my past.


(Chester, England)


  • Kurt Philip Behm

    Great powerful ending!

  • rrivera138

    You're one of the best poets I've read on this website so far. Your poems aren't exactly easy to read, but through the cracks of your semi-cryptic style is a clear meaning.

    • TrystanBehm

      rrivera138 - thank you for this incredibly humbling comment. I am glad you enjoy my writing and find meaning behind the words and allegory. Wish I could more aptly say thank you, but it means more than you know.

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