kevin browne

If Life Lets You Love.


If life lets you love just a little bit then take the offer up
Keep friends in close but not too near if it's too much
Let love's sweet melodies open up a heart that's all new
To make understood love is our meaning love is so true

When a soul's been tortured and you feel the pressures on
Let love carry you with its desires but don't blink or it's gone
Ah, the book of love and its revelations of the deep blue sea
2 into 1 brings togetherness even if it's between you and me

So we sow up our feelings then try and gather them in
Forever or for never it doesn't really matter if you lose or you win
Because love's beauty will arise once more in a place of serenity
In abundance, it dances with daffodils in the fields of plenty

All cried out across the broken-hearted and the weak that day
When bubbles bursting out a flavour of let's learn how to play
Chewing your thoughts on the piece of love you've been left with
Not too much to worry about for love has so much more to give

As it's so concerning to love a little than to have not at all
Then let me write this poem and I will catch you if you fall
And from top to bottom there fills in your heart's emptiness 
Pull back your smile, open your heart so love can caress

When we sat and we pondered over loves greatest wonders
And you feel like a big headache when your love plunders
Pick out a flower pick out your rose, that's what love knows
A ticking watch to time your beauty if it's open or if it's closed

Love is revealing, love is appealing when love is getting ready
Whether rock bottom or smooth as it goes, love can be steady
But balanced between you and me when love is entertaining
Whisper now, be silent to love without any complaining

So take down the sun and pack away the moon
Loves comes and it goes but all too often and too soon
It will bend you and break you even harder when it tries
But remember sometimes when love smiles it cries

We know love can hurt and can almost turn you blind
Speak up a little then stand to tell us you don't mind
That love has at last cornered you but what to do next
Well, what can I say? except, I'll just give it a rest.


  • Candlewitch

    you show us that there are many forms of love and loving! thank you kevin!

    *hugs, Cat

  • Laura🌻

    Oh Kevin, that is truly
    a beautiful write!
    “...when love smiles it cries...”
    These words I cannot shake
    out of my head! I keep
    thinking of the times I’ve
    looked at a loved ones
    knowing they would be gone!
    ( one committed suicide, two have died of cancer)
    Loved them dearly! They
    would see my smile, but not my tears! I was crying on the inside!
    Thank you for this amazing


    • kevin browne

      I'm sorry to hear such sad news, Laura, and I hope life treats you well enough to make sure your light still shines just as bright as before. it's the tears which cry inside that hurt the deepest. thank you, for such a kind and warming comment. my heart goes out to you.

    • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

      a beautiful and lovely piece of writing , i especially love your mention of the sun and the moon disappearing , the feelings being sown together , you seem to love bringing nature into your poems and i think that is a very nice thing to do .. you bring in the moon , the sun , roses , daffodils, the sea.. all which makes me love the poem even more.

      • kevin browne

        that's a beautiful thing to say, thank you.

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