Shay Black

Behind a Smile

Why am I stuck,
inside my head,
With lots of paths out,
I stay here instead,
I know I need help,
And others do too,
But I don’t move an inch,
What should I do,
When every time,
I give it a go,
I get blocked by a wall,
Or get stuck in the flow,
Of depressing thoughts,
Which stick to my brain,
I wish I was free,
But I can’t shake the pain,
Maybe I need you,
To help it all pass,
But then again,
I’d hate to fall and crash,
The path always ends,
In ruins or destruction,
But I always push myself,
Through the obstructions,
With a smile on my face,
But give me a break,
It doesn’t take an expert, 
to see that it’s fake.


  • Candlewitch


    this condition is very well expressed... I understand completely!

    *hugs, Cat

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